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About Us


My name is Beverly Holloway LMT, and I am the CEO of Bodyworks by Design. I have been a massage therapist for over 8 years and currently specialize in Postoperative (Post-op) Care and Medical Massage. My passion for caring for others evolved into a business that provides services in many stages of life, from pregnancy, to post surgery to medical and so much more. After 2020, the pandemic changed the types of services that we primarily provide, but it also provided an opportunity to make an impact in the post-surgical community. My goal is to set the standard for Post-op Care for providers in this industry by staying up to date on changes, new techniques, technologies and information. I am truly grateful to be able to work with such amazing mentors and colleagues and would not be where I am today without my outstanding clients

My name is Mario Holloway, and I am a Body Contouring Technician at Bodyworks by Design. I provide noninvasive body contouring treatments and services to my clients. As a bariatric patient, I have been a part of the Plus Size Community in Orlando for 10+ years. It is my mission to provide an excellent experience and services for anyone at any size.

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